With EVA, what kind of session can I do?
On EVA, you can easily select 4 different types of treatment session, ALL BODY - ONLY FACE - ONLY LEGS - ONLY COLLAGEN. The sessions are always combined with Collagen LEDs to have a better effect on the skin, eliminating the classic post-tan odour.
EVA - What advantages does it offer to your tanning centre?
EVA offers an OPEN SPACE concept unlike anything else on the market. A much lower running cost, saving up to 75% in electricity. A revolutionary product with no competition and with an image different from any others. EVA can perform the functions of three different pieces of equipment in the one machine.
Is a session on EVA fresh and comfortable?
With EVA, the session is fresh and with the OPEN SPACE concept, you do not sweat or feel unconfortable. Just relaxed whilst you receive a tan.
Is EVA quiet?
EVA is very quiet and is suitable for all environments.
Can EVA run at 220 Volt?
Yes it can. EVA has the characteristic of having a very low energy consumption, up to 75% less than a traditional bed. You can run the bed on single phase OR three phase.
Is EVA body ventilation sanitised?
Yes - the air of the body cooling undergoes a treatment that makes it clean and sterile with every use.
What results does the collagen treatment offer?
Already after the first session, the Collagen improves the skin, giving it more elasticity, softness and energy. Renewal of collagen and elastic fibres, activation of skin metabolism and better hydration. EVA is suitable for any skin type.
In addition to collagen, are there other treatments?
Currently there are 3 aesthetic treatments that can be used, combined with the collagen session, the OXI facial and body treatment (oxygenating), the Facial Lift treatment and the Hyaluronic treatment. They are AER treatments, new, exclusive, easy to perform and with immediate results.
On EVA you can turn off the lamps of the face?
The controls of EVA provide for the customer to select any or all of the 3 zones as they require, of the Head, Face and Shoulder area.
Is EVA illuminated when on standby?
EVA is equipped with LED LIGHT EMOTION technology, with a remote control so you can choose a variety of colours and light patterns that add value to the environment that hosts it.
Yes, EVA has a micronised water nebulization on the body which is extremely pleasant.
What about EVA maintenance?
EVA has a specific function that warns the salon owner/manager at the scheduled service deadline. UV LEDs on EVA LED and Hybrid do not require changing, only the main bulbs.
Can EVA be managed from the reception?
EVA is compatible with the most common control systems in both computerized and non-computerized tanning centres.
Can EVA be operated from outside the cabin?
It can be connected to an external system that allows you to perform the same functions as the keyboard.
Does your company take away the old used lamps?
Yes, we take away your old tubes/lamps and dispose of them in accordance with the W.E.E.E. regulations. We are a regulated DCF centre, (Dedicated Collection Facility) under the W.E.E.E. scheme.
Are there business incentives?
The company in collaboration with the sales network provide an important service in assisting clients to own one of these very special machines.
Is finance available?
Finance can be chosen for periods of 24 to 60 months. You can choose deposits from 1 to 3 months, or decide for yourself the amount you choose as the deposit.