for the body

The Eurosun style is current and exclusive, and combines creativity and flexibility of use and transforms an environment into a fascinating wellness temple where tanning and regenerating will truly be a pleasure. Enveloping open space, EVA is shaped for the body, a moment of sublime harmony between body and psyche, the comfort and freedom of space necessary for your serenity. The use of quality materials, ergonomics and sinuous, elegant and captivating lines make EVA flexible and functional.

EVA is the FIRST equipment designed to achieve a complete state of well-being thanks to the properties of its treatments. The senses abandon themselves to the regenerating embrace of light, colours and chromatic essences for a complete recovery of vital energies.

EVA Hybrid
Technologically advanced

EVA is equipped with the very modern LED or combined hybrid tanning system which translates into energy savings of over 75% compared to traditional solariums.

It has many innovative features, in addition to selecting the tanning level, it is possible to choose between 4 types of seating:

  1. COMPLETE (switching on the entire system);
  2. FACE only (switching on the lamps in the face area only);
  3. LEGS only (switching on the lamps in the leg area only);
  4. LED COLLAGEN beauty light only (LED switch-on for collagen treatment).

UVB for the production of melanin and vitamin D;

UVA for direct pigmentation and an intensive tan

Blue light to obtain pure and imperfection-free skin

Collagen red light for a rejuvenating and toning effect

Colour is life

Choose the colour that defines you!

From technology
to nature

EVA technology allows you to choose the edge you like best

State-of-the-art equipment

All included

  • Customizable session times
  • Soft-touch control
  • Adjustable body ventilation
  • Ionized air
  • Air-conditioned plexiglass
  • Guiding voice
  • Fresh water spray
  • UV control power
  • Bluetooth connection
  • AUX output
  • Led Light emotion
  • Digital radio
  • Time checks
  • Time safety
  • Remote control
  • Exclusion of body, face, legs, collagen areas
  • Display with center name
  • USB MP3
  • Germicidal lamp
  • Led collagen
  • 2 menus (per manager + per operator)
  • Tan shoulders + neck
  • Head tan for bald individuals
  • Facial intensive
  • Fragrance aroma

Technical specifications


Product Height (mm): 1500

Product Width (mm): 970

Product Length (mm): 2150

Power supply

220V / 380V of your choice

Consumption: from 4.2 to 4.8 KW

Characteristics Lamps:



Led light emotion: LED with color variation (chromotherapy)


does not require air expulsion systems


Eva is a model filed and patented by the European Union for Intellectual Property EUIPO 004729218-0001

Country of Production: